Company established in 1997 that it is dedicated, since then, to the assembly of special installations, nominated in the source of the thermodynamics and industrial cold even so let us be apt to all carry through any type of installations with the type of metallic pipes (steel carbon, inox, has covered, etc...). We have staff specialized in the area of the execution of pipes and welds techniques duly certifyd.

The means :

Had to our type of activity, we have all half the daily pay to manufacture and to mount the installations in the proper place, being able to execute installations in any part of the Europe or the world. We have specialized staff in the area of the execution of pipe management and welds techniques duly certifyd.

Some examples of built installations:

-Fishing ship “França Morte” Spain (photos)
-Riberalves Moita (photos)
-Aguas Freeze Compal Vila Flor
-Fishing ship Nordkinfisk Norway
-Starfish Mauritânia  (refrigerating chambers, congelation tunnels) (photos)
-Navio de pesquisa Geobay Noruega (climatization)
-Frigomato Aveleda  ( climatization, refrigerating chambers, congelation tunnels)
-Matadouro Santa Carnes Santarém
-Avigrill Lourinhã (cooling tunnel)
-Frigo Salamanca (photos)  - Spain